DStv Satellite Dish Installation

When it comes to installing a DStv satellite dish, it is important to align the dish correctly. As a matter of fact, correct dish installation and alignment provides the best signal strength for your DSTV decoder. You can easily do this by hiring a DStv approved installer who has the right equipment to do a correct satellite dish alignment.

Extra View & Triple View

Extra View is an economical and convenient way of watching different channels on different decoders under one DStv subscription. So, instead of having multiple DStv subscriptions for each decoder, you can link the decoders under one DStv subscription. To put it in simple terms, let’s assume that we have family members who may want to watch different TV channels at the same time. This can cause family members to squabble over the remote control. So, extra view solves this problem by allowing each family member to watch a different channel. To add to that, you and your family can record different shows on separate decoders. When using Extra view, you can watch up to 3 live TV channels at the same time..

Communal Dish Installation

A dstv communal dish installation is a system designed to distribute dstv signal from one single dish to all the units in the Complex, Estate or Hotel. A Dstv Communal TV system works for the entire building and allows anyone in any apartment to get Dstv. Installation types may include Dstv over fibre, IP overlay, Dvb T , SMATV, MATV, SATCR single systems





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How long does it take to set up my DStv?


The amount of time it takes to complete a DStv set up varies according to the complexity of the job. In most cases, a set up such as a single view, dish alignment, dish replacement will take less than an hour. However, big jobs like triple view setup will take up to 2 hours.

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2 months ago

Chris Prinsloo

Pretoria East

” I have been using the services of Elite dstv installers for all 3 of my personal home relocations as well as those of my family. My experience has been consistently phenomenal, one of the few service providers whom I do not have to follow up continuously and the job is always perfectly executed. Thank you Ian and team“

Leonard Nthanje


” Awesome team to work with . Elite DStv Installers have been my go to team for the whole New  installation that was done in my apartment 😊😊I can highly recommend them too anyone else “

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