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DSTv Decoder Installations & Accessories:

Elite Dstv Installers  has been a Multichoice accredited installer for more than 11 years and can assist you with any Multichoice DSTv installation from residential, guest houses and hotels to commercial applications. Our DSTV installers can assist with DSTv explora units, DSTv extra view, HD decoders and all other DSTv accessories and smart LNB’s.

We have various DSTV kit options available that include installation to cater to your individual needs and create a decoder setup of your choice.

Communal DSTv Solutions:

Elite Dstv Installers  can also offer a communal DSTv solution to suit your needs. With only 1 head-end, we can supply DSTv connections to an entire complex. With fibre solutions, we can also supply internet and telephone lines throughout complexes or communal living areas of any size.

Triple View:

Do you know you can have 3 independent DSTV channels in your house know as triple view, keeping peace in the home as everyone gets to watch what they want! The good news is you only pay one subscription fee plus an R85 Access Fee for each XtraView connection  (so two x R85).